ORB VR Highlights

ORB VR is where my XR journey began. I realized while studying film that I was very intrigued by the early Soviet filmmakers and their discovery/invention of montage theory.

It seemed to me that film as a medium was basically mature and I was less interested in working in pre-existing modes of expression than I was in finding how representation would evolve.

It was through borrowing GoPros and printing that first 360° rig that I began to experiment with XR and it is the same thirst for expansion of representative tools that lead me on to Unity Development and CG experiments. 

Our goal was to try as many different kinds of use cases as we could, and at the time it seemed that advertising, music and advertising would be the most fruitful.

Please see the showreel I made for ORB at the link below. Most interesting are the 2016 Mercedes Bokeh Fashion Film Festival video and AlBairre concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens. (There is a funny film assignment where I discuss the aesthetics of Horror in a 360° video also, for posterity)


While in University, my housemates and I started making 360° Videos after realizing that XR would likely predominate over the next wave of media and computing.

What began as playful experimentation amounted to gear sponsorship and an event after-movie for Mercedes. Launching my XR career.