NIST ChARIoT Challenge

As part of a 2 man team, I played an integral role in the realization of the project proposal to be accepted into the challenge - and the 3 application iterations design and execution, to successfully submit into the final round of the competition. 

In particular, I worked on incorporating mock IoT data into a meaningful representation once it was pulled from an MQTT server. Including the data structures handling said data within our application and the UI required to be AR friendly. 

We built UI for two different use cases per scenario: Incident Command and First Responder. I worked on both but was chiefly focused on the less invasive First responder UI which included an AR wrist "mounted" display that could be placed in world space in order to select data points for details, or looked at a glance to orient the responder amidst the terrain and critical messages around them. I also implemented a spatial marker system which places icons in the air above the real world locations of the data being represented.


We collaborated with First Responders from Epicenter Innovations to get feedback and iterate changes to the UI along the way.

Our final submission will ultimately be tested at the TEEX Disaster City facility in early 2021, in order to get a feel for how accurate and helpful contestants' efforts are in a more realistic context than merely UI testing. 


The 2020 NIST ChARIoT Challenge was a competition to drive experimentation with IoT data representation in AR. Specifically to improve safety, efficiency and communication for first responders engaged in Wildfire, Flood, Active Shooter and Mass Transit Accident scenarios. 

The Reality Garage team made it through to the 4th and Final Round. Results due Q1 2021.