Life Between Storms

The 2017 hurricane season left Puerto Rico reeling after being struck severely by both Irma and Maria.  

In 2018 I liased with World Central Kitchen and travelled to Puerto Rico to create a VR experience that they could use to help raise funds for their efforts - by placing viewers on the island, confronted with the reality faced there.

They innovated a grassroots food initiative and distribution network that effectively fed even the furthest reaches of the island.

The film Vida Entre Tormentas or Life Between Storms - which I co-directed, shot, helped edit and produced -  premiered at the 2018 Denver International Film Festival and has been licensed for educational purposes to the New York based VR education non- profit Techrow

Life Between Storms is available on Facebook.

Posted by Life Between Storms/ Vida Entre Tormentas on Wednesday, 13 June 2018


In the wake of the 2017 Hurricane Season, World Central Kitchen took over the food aid mandate to Puerto Rico from FEMA after innovating a food delivery system that included resources and farmers from farmers and chefs on the island. 

In 2018, Reality Garage Produced this film about their efforts.