Inside Out

Inside Out is an experimental Dome Projection film that explores the reciprocal relationship between phenomenological experience and the objects of experience.
ie. the interplay between the internal and external world.

In an unusual pitch to the Iziko National Galleries and the Centre for Curation of the Archives at the University of Cape Town. Arkology Studio, Pupil Visuals and I (Reality Garage) proposed a story with no characters or plot, and a barely recognizable setting.

The thesis: once you are positioned within an immersive dome/sphere, the medium becomes spatial, rather than purely visual.

The goal: to experiment with movement through space and sound as the primary tools to evoke visceral responses from an audience undergoing a journey of meaning-making between spaces as opposed to between frames. The film aims at an evocative rather than descriptive journey that places the viewer and their active participation in the piece, as subject.

Using a combination of filmed and computer generated 360° footage to shape a spatial narrative that is informed by music created by the Arkology team. 

After premiering at Under the Dome in November 2019, the film went on to be presented at the 2020 Boulder Film Festival XR pavilion. I spoke about the film at both events.

While best experienced in a dome, we are excited have the film available for headset viewing on Oculus TV.

You can also watch the film at the Vimeo link below, though headset viewing is strongly recommended.


The film was initially produced by Arkology, Pupil Visuals and Reality Garage for Under The Dome, the first full dome film festival in Africa, at Iziko Planetarium, Co-organised by Iziko National Galleries and the Center for the Curation of the Archives at the University of Cape Town.