Adam Oosthuizen

I have spent the past five years working on a variety of XR projects, exploring the ability to convey concepts and stories in ways previously impossible. In particular I am obsessed with the role of the audience as subject and the impact of presence in conveying messages to the viewer through worlds that are custom built to do so.

What I Do

Project Development

The planning needed to take the client vision from abstraction to product. Scoping out the requirements of a project, identifying compelling ways to achieve their ends through an XR lens. Storyboarding the product from end to end and then building project deadlines in order to prepare the technology required.

Unity Game Engine Development

Hands on building of application using C# scripting to combine together whatever mix of external data, 3D assets, audio and 360° content is required for the project.

360° Content Production

Everything from initial capture to the editing floor. I have worked on 360° video projects ranging from edutainment and documentary to advertisement and experimental filmmaking. This includes working with spatial audio, drone and remote controlled vehicle mounted 360° capture.

Client and Team Interaction

I have been involved in projects from end-to-end managing relationships with clients and internal stakeholders including technical and financial teams in dynamic product cycles to meet constraints in an ever changing and evolving XR landscape.

Film Festivals

3 Work Shown at 3 Festivals

Panel Speaker

3 Panel Invitations

NIST ChARIoT Challenge Finalist

2020 AR assist for First Responders on the Magic Leap